LumenarisWe build products that bring families together.

Some things I am a sucker for: Family run businesses, quality made sustainable and made in the USA products, clever and well crafted board games, nice people.

Victory through Industry box art

While at Kublacon, one thing I noted is that the number of small businesses in the dealer’s room keeps growing every year, and a big part of that is thanks to affordable laser cutting technology.  It is really a delight to see how companies are taking advantage of these machines to create high quality loose game pieces, beautiful boxes to help you better organize your game bits, and a number of other ways to make your gaming experiences even more physical and visceral.  And, of course, to create high quality new games that can be published in small batches but with delightfully tactile pieces to interact with.

Lumenaris is a family run company out of Morgan Hill, California (not too far from Space for Play HQ) producing – well a number of things, really.  Everyone in the family brings their own specialties to the table, and they have felt craft kits, cool buildable mechanisms (like a buildable wooden combination lock), beautiful hand turned sewing tools and some great games!  They are also dedicated to producing their goods sustainably and made-in-the-USA.

While I was talking to the really charming and friendly mom and pop of this mom and pop company, it was explained to me that one inspiration behind their games is to create historically based games that are educational but not pedantic.  The games are about exploring history and other concepts – such as planning and supply chains – through clever and fun game mechanics.  Their catalog includes Leaving Earth, a game about the conquest of space circa the 1950’s – 1970’s, The Golden Wilderness, a game of  exploring early California and Victory Through Industry, a game about industrial production during World War II.  In addition to offering great game play, the games are beautiful and hardy – meant to last families for years.

They have a number of other games available as well (including a Sense and Sensibility based card game), and I encourage you to go take a look!  Summer vacation is almost here, stock up on some family fun!