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Increase Productivity Painlessly

Recommended for:

Executives and/or HR teams , 2 – 5 participants

Perfectly painless onboarding. Using the particulars of your group, we will create a custom board game that can be used in the onboarding process to bring new members of your organization up to speed on what your group is about, converting outsiders to productive insiders quickly and smoothly.

Vision Realignment

Recommended for:

Any group that needs to get back on the same page. 2 – 6 participants for a one day session, or maximum of 24 participants for a multi-day session.

Is your team wandering off in different directions? Possibly without even realizing it? We will gain increased clarity on where different parties are coming from, investigate the issues that are actually causing conflict, and discover how we can better see eye to eye.

Space for Play, DIY

Recommended for:

Any group that wants to learn new problem solving skills

Schedule an Introduction to the Space for Play framework and learn the skills and techniques used in this innovative process. Designed for self-starting individuals and groups, add the Space for Play toolkit to your problem solving repetoire and apply it to organizational challenges on your own time.

Trouble Free Transition

Recommended for:

Team leaders, stake holders in up-coming transitions, 2 – 5 participants

We’ll collaborate to map out your group’s coming transition, including potential pitfalls and the resources your team has at your disposal. We’ll try out different scenarios and play with solutions to make sure the path ahead is as painless as possible.

Possible Futures

Recommended for:

Any group exploring future possibilities, 2 – 6 participants for a one day session, or maximum of 24 participants for a multi-day session.

Has a new project been germinating and is ready for deeper exploration? Is it worth pursuing? Is it worth pursuing now? What would it take to get it into the pipeline? We’ll take a good hard look at what it would take to get moving, pulling in whatever resources your team currently has at its disposal and identifying any pieces that might be missing. We’ll try out different scenarios and identify the first steps towards implementation, creating an actionable plan from your physical model.

Act Now & Save!

Sessions include:

Free consultation, wrap up and all materials.

One on ones, team collaborations and multi-team workshops are all available. Contact us today to craft the perfect solution for your organizational challenges.


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